Egotripes by Larme Blanche

On January 20, 2020, I signed a mysterious French project called Larme Blanche, a balaclava, a camouflage outfit, a vitriolic pen, lyrics of brilliant lucidity, a charismatic flow that oscillates between dark folk and deviant rap in the uncompromising Experience/Michel Cloup way. It's a hell of a discovery, a hell of a stylistic clash that no one had ever dared before, a total thrill whose second album is released by Unknown Pleasures Records on April 22, between the two rounds of the Presidential Election. We will reveal the excerpts as events unfold because the relevance of the lyrics echoes a global news that continues to evolve unfavorably. The cry of the heart of a youth who refuses to let their future be obliterated.

Long live Larme Blanche!!!!

- Unknown Pleasures Records

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