Drawn To The Flame by Keeley

'Drawn to the Flame' is a journey through the winding walkways of a most elusive pursuit. It's a lovingly-nurtured musical menagerie, a sonic sky of seven shooting stars. A murky excursion, and an epic escalation of the KEELEY modus operandi. A significant stab on the musical map, the sound of a cry in the dark of a whispering world. It's the next necessary step on this visionary mission.

We feel it is our best - and purest - sonic statement yet. The point at which even darker depths are delved, peeling back layers of the story's shell to reveal just how close to the flame I came - and how close to the flame I remain. It's an examination of the extent of attraction that's at the core of this story. She was drawn to THERE. He was drawn to HER. I was drawn to THAT. They were drawn to HIM. You are drawn to THIS. Before the brutality, there was bliss.

This is the door to an underworld at last unchained.
Within are the reasons why she, he, they, I - and you - were drawn to the flame.

- Keeley

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