To Feed Your Fever by The Quinsy

The band THE QUINSY was formed in 2001 in the city of St. Petersburg. Over the years, the band has changed its sound more than once, but the core remained unchanged - psychedelia served with one sauce or another. The only permanent member, as well as the founder of the group is Vladimir Tkebuchava (aka 4.44). For a long time, the band basically did not perform songs in Russian, only in English.

In recent years, this trend has changed, now the band's program consists mainly of Russian-language songs.

The album To Feed Your Fever is innovative in many ways. This is the first an album where there is a song in French. It is also the first album featuring guest vocalists. Texts

THE QUINSY reflect the inner state of their authors, some of them raise various kinds of social issues on the topic of the day.

- The Quinsy

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