The Ritual 023

Omnia & ira - The Fusion (Blastoyz extended remix) [Who's Afraid of 138?]
Talla 2XLC - The Oasis (Zyrus 7 remix) [That's Trance]
Rythmic - Lost Souls (2020 mix) [Infinity-Tunes]
Sean Tyas & Darren Porter - The Potion (extended mix) [FSOE]
Federation - Venus (Alex M.O.R.P.H. extended remix) [Feed The Moth]
Curtis Young - Banshee (original mix) [Mental Asylum Records]
Steve Dekay and Amos & Riot Night - Onslaught (original mix) [Rielism]
The Overlords - Sundown (Talla 2XLC Inf3rno remix) [Tetsuo]
Jak Aggas - ReAnimator (original mix) [Rielism]
Bowdidge & Taylor - Power Cut (Indecent Noise Remix) [Mental Asylum Records]
Marco V - Godd (David Forbes rework)

For promotional use only. Individual tracks have all rights reserved to the original artists and labels.

- Robb Blak

Afraid Of The Dark by Robb Blak

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