The Passing Of A Muse

Hello everyone, this is Draven Taylor, the one that does all the work behind the scenes on Music Eternal. If you have noticed we have been having a bit of down time on the social medias, new content, and interaction through Music Eternal. In this update, I will be explaining as to why and it will also give some insight to this site and the meaning it has at its roots. For me, I do not like to share personal information as this is meant for the music world, I am only a DJ, programmer, and someone who deeply admires the music world. However, for this I am going to open the personal door and let you all have a glimpse into my inner sactum, my haven of sorts.

The photo above is (from left to right), my Aunt Joanne, myself, my mom (Norma "Zia"), and my step father, Richard. I am sharing this as much of what has happened in the past and the present focus on Zia. She is one of the three people in my family (along with Richard and my son) that play a vital part in Music Eternal existing. To delve into this we must jump back a few years.

For those that know, I lived in Estonia for a while. I moved back to the United States for a number of reasons. One of these was that my mom, Zia, was dealing with some personal issues with another person. It was a toxic situation where I felt I could have a positive impact for her and thus my son and I moved back to North America. When this was resolved my son and I moved to Oregon for work. When that work was completed I had a new job in Toronto, but moved to where Richard and my mom were located. This was due to them being in a car accident and I have always had a deep belief in family. So I moved where they were at and telecommuted both work and DJing.

The job in Toronto was completed. I made the owners of the company a ton of money and due to the way my position was structured, my co-worker made the commission that was meant for me. I could have fought it, but not being at location I didn't find about this till much later. It was a brutal blow where I was sick of the way the corporate world. Dog eat dog, cut the throat of another to get further ahead, and no ethical value in many of the people that I worked with. I am not saying that all people are bad, but those that I worked with showed that to quickly climb the corporate ladder you need to step on the broken backs of those around you. For me, this was a dire violation of all that I am.

I was at a crossroads. I knew what I could do, but had no desire to be a stepping stone for others or to cause pain in others in my determination to rise above the flock. I hae always been excessively determined, but I also believed that we should be a positive force in the world. To make something that is timeless is to make something that either touches the soul through the effort or the product created. For me I had no idea where to go in life.

Zia, Richard, and my son are very close to me. They are my best friends, my family, and those that I know will give advice with no desire save for me to be happy in my course through life. They also know that what ever I do, I am forever there for them. This is something that Zia always instilled in my and is a core to who I am. It is better to die trying for something you believe in than settling for less than who you are. This applies to work, life, and how you treat others.

Draven Taylor On New Alternative Radio

Draven Taylor On New Alternative Radio

Draven Taylor On New Alternative Radio