The Cleft Serpent by Black Tape For A Blue Girl

Hi! This is Sam from Black Tape For A Blue Girl. I’m asking for your support on our 13th album, The Cleft Serpent — I’m crowdfunding for the two-CD edition and the galaxy-swirl vinyl LP. The album is recorded: now we need your help to make it exist!

Kickstarter is all or nothing, every pledge moves us closer to our $15,000 goal. When we reach it, the release goes into production.

The album weaves the tale of the enigmatic Cleft Serpent, as we follow him through time and space within a lush, dark and sensual musical palette of string-hued Neo-Classicism. It’s rich and engaging, created by our three-piece ensemble featuring new members Jon DeRosa and Henrik Meierkord. I love hearing Jon's powerful vocals and Henrik’s mournful strings twined around my somber electronics. We've imagined a world that truly exists outside of modern time.

I think it's our best album yet — people who've heard it agree! It's dark, romantic, gorgeous, entrancing, and mysterious! Wait, why write about it when you can listen for yourself! Preview three songs at Bandcamp: two album tracks and one instrumental reworking.

The Cleft Serpent has lived many lives before, he is conflicted about living another lifetime aware of the pain he’s fated to inflict. His interaction with The Trickster propels the narrative forward. Read the full story of the album's theme.

- Sam ( Black Tape For A Blue Girl)

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Black Tape For A Blue Girl • October 29 2004