TexTrue by Lorenzo Montana

Italian electronic/drone artist Lorenzo Montanà returns to Projekt with "TexTrue," inspired by reverential architectural elements of the past, silent gardens of Renaissance palaces, shrouded labyrinths and sacred paths. It’s an album of resonant ambient drones encircled by echoes of a forgotten past.

Nocturnal and mysterious, the digital pulses were created with a boundless sense of history and place. Recording preliminary tracks in a castle’s vacant wing in northern Italy, Lorenzo took advantage of the winter’s semi-isolation to immerse in the historical atmosphere, drawing inspiration from the contrast between the pure enveloping cold and the severe medieval walls.

Ruminative and ephemeral, half-remembered and distant, haunted and serene, "TexTrue"‘s organic sounds blend with electronic frequencies to initiate a primordial harmony in delicate layers, a True newborn Texture between melody and introspection, the TexTrue.

The ambition of "TexTrue" is to reconstruct with sounds not only a state of mind, but also colors, smells and vibrations to create a real environment. One that has been woven with intertwined threads, where all the sound design and acoustic instruments are mixed, filtered and reworked to maintain an encompassing ambience engulfing the listener. This is the experience of TexTrue.

- Projekt Records

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