Sell Out (Russian) by Stoneburner

“Sellout” Is The Lead Track From Upcoming Album Apex Predator
Produced By The Legendary John Fryer & To Be Released By COP International In 2021

After signing with indie label COP International Records in February, Stoneburner today releases the first taste of new music with catchy track “Sellout” that examines the pitfalls of the music industry, the battle to get ahead in it, and the downfall of having no tours the past year to stay engaged.

Stoneburner is the post-industrial music and art project from prolific multimedia creative Steven Archer. Baltimore-based Archer is also known for co-founding the darkwave gothic rock duo Ego Likeness (Metropolis Records) with Donna Lynch that formed in 1999 and has successfully released several albums and completed several tours in Europe.

- Stoneburner

Sell Out (Japan) by Stoneburner

Sell Out by Stoneburner

Sell Out by Stoneburner