Save Me by Microwaved

Microwaved brings 14 tracks of difference approaches to 3 amazing songs. Each of these versions of these songs have had the talents, attention, and devotion to some truly gifted artists. This has led to a collection of some amazing songs with each having a special feel and presentation of the vision birthed by Microwaved.

Traditionally a collection like this would be deemed as an EP when you have three songs and their remixes. This might be the right classification, but the amount of work and the sheer collection of songs makes it feel as something more than an EP.

Save Me directly brings the talents of Kimberly from Bow Ever Down, Mitch Doucetter of Doomslayer, and Nathan Charlson of Milkfixer. It also brings a variety of artists as they forge these songs into their own vision in each remix made. This approach has made a number of songs that show facets of Goth, Industrial, and other facets of Electronic music for the pleasure of the one who want to hear good music.

Free Demo by Microwaved

My Suicide Note by Microwaved

Phantom Whisper (Ft. Ivan Russia) by Microwaved