S E X (Feat. Sebastian Svalland, Moris Blak Remix) by Aesthetic Perfection

I am beyond excited to present my new single “S E X” featuring guitars by Sebastian Svalland (PAIN, In Mourning & formerly LINDEMANN). This new song continues in the industrial metal tradition of tracks like Rhythm + Control while expanding on my ever broadening vocal and production horizons.

"S E X" is the first installment of my 12 songs in 12 months project for 2021. The goal is to release one song at the start of each month for an entire year. In order to fund this massive project, I need to gain 10 new Imperfect Society members to unlock each song. These are not completed songs sitting behind a paywall, I am writing and recording these tracks in real time. Wanna be a part of an amazing community and help me create the next single? Visit http://imperfect-society.net!

- Daniel Graves ( Aesthetic Perfection)

Sebastian Svalland | Tone Deaf with Daniel Graves

S E X (Feat. Sebastian Svalland) by Aesthetic Perfection

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