Religious Soldier by SINthetik Messiah

Setting the tone of the new single, SINthetik Messiah’s “Religious Soldier” features a real recording of a fake priest performing a fake exorcism on a brainwashed woman.

The sonic hammer of sound behind ‘Religious Soldier’ draws musical inspiration from the hardcore drum and bass, power noise, ebm, and old school industrial music scenes.

The main vocalist, Bug Gigabyte takes his vocals from a punk rock type scream to a full on male choir. Lyrically he begs the audience to wake up and not fall into a cult.

The musical concept of "Religious Soldier" was to bring forth the idea of exposing religious leaders who brainwash and abuse their followers.

This Ep is one of two singles that follow a full length album in 2022.

- SINthetik Messiah

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SINthetik Messiah 24/7