Media Numb by ACID Casualty

ACID Casualty give their flash from their past in the music video above. This video is of their song, Media Numb, which was released in 2016 on their album, The Art Of Determination.

Media Numb gives a mood that brings a strong dance beat with a gritty Industrial tone. The mellower parts of the song sound like a mixture of the soundtracks from Resident Evil and House On Haunted Hill. Overall, it is a great song and an amazing experience for those that love Electro-Industrial music.

Below is the Bandcamp widget to The Art Of Determination. This way if you love the music in the video above you can get the full album release.

Seven Days In - Take A Moment To Breathe by ACID Casualty

The Art of Determination V3.0 by ACID Casualty

King Outcast Remix by ACID Casualty