Love Is Just Another Stab In The Back by Matthew Creed

Matthew Creed is the dark techno alter-ego of Estonian artist Dmitry Darling ( Freakangel, Suicidal Romance).

Pushing away the boundaries from his dark electro / industrial roots and stretching his machines towards dancefloors of abandoned factories marching through the dark with his techno based style, MATTHEW CREED feeds us with hi-energy underground raw grooves with that dark and rough touch around the edges… rawness at its best!

Not content of already fueling Tallinn’s (Estonia) nightlife with his addictive industrial dance tunes, the enfant terrible of MATTHEW CREED took the sonic battle one step further and organized jamming sessions across continents, joining the noir and sexy Dominique of NEIKKA RPM in New York (USA) for another ultimate club experience and collaboration (including bewitching mermaid guest vocals), before expanding the hi-energy boost experience to Sao Paulo (Brazil) with the AESTHETISCHE gang!

This is hypnotic underground electro united – the magic glue that holds everything together and brings us beyond the veil...

- Alfa Matrix Records

Walking In Circles by Matthew Creed

DRUGS T-Shirt by Matthew Creed

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