Kiss Of The Whip @ 2 Dark New Years Evil Festival

Kiss Of The Whip presents the live performance they did for 2 Dark New Years Evil Festival. This performance is of the following songs:
00:00 Introduction in G Minor
01:47 We're Not Here
05:33 Circle of Knives
09:25 Be Mine
12:45 Left Behind
17:16 Sun Moon Star
20:49 Pleasures in Surrendering
25:02 Put You in the Past

A mixture of Darkwave, Gothic Rock, and Synthwave is both diverse and appealing in how Kiss Of The Whip molds it into each of their songs. Listen to the performance above and get a taste of the genius in the music that is made by this impressive U.S. based project.

If you like what you are hearing from Kiss Of The Whip, then why not get the album? The widget below is to their latest album, We're Not Here.

Luna Negra Performance by Kiss Of The Whip

We're Not Here by Kiss Of The Whip

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