Heat Death Of The Universe by Pennies By The Pound

Prog rock outfit Pennies By The Pound present 'The Waters', a great sonic cleansing experience and invigorating shot of fresh air, beautifully expressing their own unique ideas and sound through the prism of fantastic British progressive rock.

Not long ago, this Finnish trio released their album 'Heat Death of the Universe' via the Lilith label. Mastered by Ride frontman Mark Gardener at his OX4Sound Studio in Oxford, this long-player was produced, recorded and mixed by Rauli 'Rake' Eskolin, a well achieved Finnish producer who boasts over a dozen No. 1 records in Finland in the past 20 years.

"The Waters' is actually one of the first songs I wrote for the band, but it took a while to take shape and thus, didn't originally end up on our debut EP. But that is a good thing as we managed to make the song a whole lot better for the album! It's an exploration of some of the generally unnamed, but powerful feelings evoked by certain things in nature and certain types of landscapes. I grew up and spent all of my childhood summers at the lakeshore, and the hundreds of lakes in Finland are quite a mysterious thing for me even to the present day," says Johannes Susitaival.

Pennies By The Pound unique sound blends '80s prog rock and '90s-early '00s alternative rock. Heavily guitar-driven with a touch of keyboards, they love big choruses, guitar and keyboard solos, bridges and grandiose arrangements.

- Pennies By The Pound

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