Happy New Year

2020 has marked a dark year for many. There has been many challenges that all aspects of the world has faced and endured. It has been a year where many have had to learn to adapt and evolve or fade into the dusty pages of history.

In the darkest hour the light is the brightest. Many see that we are at the zenith. That 2021 will be the chapter of the rising dawn and, in time, things will return to a certain level of normalcy.

Music Eternal has had its own challenges in 2020. It was through determination and work that we survived these hardships. What made this effort possible was the support and love from the Music Eternal family and their countless fans. The reason we exist is to be a positive force in the world, but it was that very world that was the positive force we needed when it was hardest for us. Thank you to each member of our family, their fans, and all those that love music. We would be nothing without your support.

"May the best days of your past be the worst days of your future." A saying we have always lived by as individuals and as Music Eternal. 2021 promises to be a special year and one where we have many new things to share with the music world. We hope this is also a start to a year that will be held dear in the hearts of everyone. Happy New Year!

Happy New Years

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