Flood II (The Sisters Of Mercy Cover) by HIV+

During my dark youth, I was very big fan of The Sisters Of Mercy’s 1981/88 era (« Floodland » included). At UPR we have always hesitated to pay tribute to this cult band from Leeds/UK, because it always seemed difficult to me to interpret the fabulous songs of the british acid rock gang, without falling into the ‘gothic cliché’ or poor copycat. But 40 years after the band's first concert in the north of England it's high time to pay them a true artistic ambitious homage. With the well-known requirement that is that of our label, we prepared an awesome CD compilation called 'HONORIS II THE SISTERS OF MERCY & THE SISTERHOOD' for the end of September. This Tribute will be accompanied by a very special limited tape and book designed & printed by the spanish label Industrial Complexx (Valencia). For vinyl collectors, know that the Oràculo label (Barcelona) is releasing also a vinyl version with 6 tracks taken from our compilation (12" + 7"), launching pre-orders at the end of July. Many excellent musicians responded to our call, some legendary bands and talented outsider. There are already many international tributes to The Sisters Of Mercy, but by my standards they often sound pretty mediocre and below the original songs. My objective is therefore to bring together very awesome covers that will give thanks to the legacy of the original Andrew Eldritch’s songs, without caricatures or baroque clichés (fans know that Andrew hates the “goth” label), and by focusing especially on the early songs and B faces.The Sisters Of Mercy began their careers 40 years ago. Long life to Andrew Eldritch!

- Pedro aka HIV+

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