Fairy Tales by Pazz Kluger

U.S. based Pazz Kluger comprise 4 impressive songs into their release, Fairy Tales. This is a band that adds elements of Punk Rock, Post Punk, and Gothic Rock together. These are perfect songs for those that love the darker side of Rock music with elements of Punk.

Pazz Kluger is one of those hidden gems that have a wealth of talent and draw from an era of music that still has a magical spark in the right creative vision. Their music brings elements of The Damned, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, and Bauhaus together that is truly a marvel to behold. Listen to the Bandcamp player above and experience the distinct style of Pazz Kluger and you can use this same player to purchase Fairy Tales for only $4.00 USD.

Naughty Things by Pazz Kluger

Letters by Pazz Kluger

The Lost Tracks by Pazz Kluger