EBM Day 2021

Since the late 1970's, EBM has been a driving force in the music world. In the 1980's it rose from its European birth and reached its influence throughout the world. This was its birth and the start of a genre of music that would have a lasting impact in the world of music.

For the next four decades, EBM would change the landscape in the music world. It would lay the groundwork to genres like New Beat, Electro-Industrial, Dark Electro, Techno, Hardcore, Goa Trance, Industrial Rock, Industrial Metal, and Futurepop to name a few. It is a style of music that has been an anchor to the careers to many artists both hidden gems in parts of the world, and well known artists in mainstream.

EBM is a genre of Electronic Music that was born in Europe. It commonly is presented with a melody that presents repetitive bass lines and a strong dance beat. The vocals are normally not distorted and are preformed in a commanding manner. The vocals traditionally are given in a shoutting fashion. The themes to much of the music usually hits topics that are provacative in nature or a confrontational approach to the topic presented in the music.

February 24th, 2021, has been deemed EBM Day for the world. This is a day where the fans of EBM music celebrate the musicians that make the music that makes this genre special. For Music Eternal we want to give a heart felt thanks to the members that we have that are part of the EBM genre. This family of the music world has always been a huge part of Music Eternal and have shown an undying support for what we aspire to do for them. Today for us is a means of giving tribute to this community of the music world and what they mean to us.

Happy New Years

Happy New Year

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