Animas​-​k by jarguna

For his 37th album, Italian ambient/electronic artist jarguna takes us within the mask behind the animal soul. On this release his mystical, deep atmospheres are infused with underlying rhythms. Thematically, ANIMAS-K brings the listener into ceremonies occurring across our planet’s many cultures. Jarguna travels the world collecting aromatic materials for incense while also gathering field-recordings to incorporate into his dronescapes.

Jarguna notes, “Incense in general has always been linked to ceremonies, rites, offerings. These aspects are interwoven with percussion and hypnotic sound with the essence that emanates from the smoke creating a profound, transformational environment. The theme of this release is the soul expressed in the masks used in ceremony. For this reason the title brings with it a play on words representing “Anima,” the soul, but also the animal, and the separate “k” is a third word thus forming the word ‘mask.’ Imagine: the soul of an animal in a mask.”

- Projekt Records

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