Anatèxis by jarguna

Projekt presents the digital release of the 16th album from Italian sound-explorer, ethnobotanist, ambient/drone artist jarguna (Marco Billi).

Recorded in 2013 + 2014 — and featuring guest Nathan Youngblood on two tracks — the album takes its title from the Greek verb “anatèko," (ἀνάτηξις) meaning “liquefaction.” It is a melting process taking place at great depth in the earth’s crust that leads to the formation of new magma. In the same way, jarguna melts the quality of sound drone, via “geodrone,” a term he coined as an interpretation of the sounds made up of over billions of years both within the planet and throughout the universe. There is a slow and steady transformation: silent, often impetuous and devastating happening beneath our feet. The illusion of the apparent stability gives us security, but for all intents and purposes there is nothing that is stationary.

“Anatexis,” jarguna reflects, “was the antithesis of my previous early 2010s work such as Waiting for a Call From the Unknown and Nebula, which were created at a time when I had turned my eyes to the sky and then the macrocosm. Dark redundant paths, sometimes absent, without alleys, wrinkled sounds from a multitude of effects, or pure and primitive. This is Anatexis. This is me. Ambient music has the great ability to make people think, or more often evoke deep emotional states. Anatexis is a sound diary of my explorations into the microcosm. Digging underground, observing the genesis of a stone, a mountain, a continent, and to be present while unknown events exist below.”

Free name-your-price download at Bandcamp. Click "Buy Digital Album" and type 0 in the price box or donate something if you can afford to chip in. Even $3 provides a royalty to jarguna for his work. It is appreciated.

- Projekt Records

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