White Wolf by Corlyx

Corlyx brings something special in their song, White Wolf. This song is showcased in the music video shown above and is one of the many reasons why Together Apart is an album that should be a must on anyone's list of music.

White Wolf brings a combination of late Punk and early Gothic Rock into its style of melody and harmony. To listen to this song is to embrace the magic of bands like The Cure, Siouxsie And The Banshees, and Sex Gang Children. As they forged from the ashes of Punk into a mellower and darker form of music, White Wolf is the latest chapter in keeping this enchanting form of music alive.

It is true that music of the old is usually forgotten. However, there are always little slivers of history that should never be forgotten. To take these facets of music and form them into something new and original can make for something that words could never do justice. White Wolf shows this perfectly and is a great representation of the depth of talent in Corlyx.

If you love what you hear and feel a need to have this song, then why not get the full album? Please use the Bandcamp player below and add Together Apart to your collection of music for only $10.00 USD.

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