VampireFreaks Social Network 1999 - 2020

The Vampirefreaks Social Network is officially laid to rest.
We had an amazing 20+ year run and I'll be forever grateful for the experience. To the many people who have reached out to us and expressed their gratitude and shared their VF stories - it really means a lot.

I'll always remember the VF social network as a community for freaks and outcasts to be themselves and support eachother and being weirdos together.

These past few days have been really emotional and i've shed quite a few tears about it.
It's been so great seeing everyone come together the final days for one last hurrah.
VF touched so many people's lives and I know I can't take credit what it became, it was an accumulation of all the members worldwide who made this place their home.
I started VF as just a fun project for myself and it snowballed into something bigger than I ever imagined.

The goal of VF was to create an open forum for like-minded individuals to come together. We had something special at just the right time with just the right members and it was really magical for awhile, something that we simply can't replicate in these times.
And we had a really good run for years, and I'll always be proud of that.

February 2020: VampireFreaks

Episode 4: Bad Seed

Yesterday (The Beatles Acoustic Cover) by Amandas Nadel