Thunder (Featuring Violet Light Syndrome) by Extize

Taken From The Album - Dont F*ck With An Angel (2014)

Have you ever fucked an angel? Let it be better ... Ascended into new spheres, the German-French quartet presents the fourth studio album. For four years now, the four electro rebels have been thrilling fans of futuristic-experimental club music worldwide. Whether live on stage, as a DJ in the club or from the home speakers, Extize stand for energetic electro sounds, far from all musical drawers. After the previous album "Anarchy Engineers" heralded a completely new era in the band's history, "Don´t F * ck With An Angel" continues on this path unabated. The EXTIZE sound unabashedly uses everything that contemporary electronic music has to offer. Snotty breakbeats meet dark dark electro, pumping techno beats playful dub step and even screeching metal guitars meet clubbing hard trance. This creative diversity of the album is emphasized even more by the numerous feature guests, recruited from the black and colorful underground. These include the Wavers from VIOLET LIGHT SYNDROME, the EBMler from SCHRAMM, the synthpopper DESASTROES, the Industrial Metalheads from RAVE THE REQVIEM and the guitar god Steven Johnson in the innovative dark series of "Don´t F * ck With An Angel" " on. With "Don´t F * ck With An Angel" EXTIZE once again show their definition of modern underground electro and take you into a whole new dimension of their sound

- darkTunes Music Group

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