Through The Night by Christine Plays Viola

What happens when you put Gothic Rock, Post Punk, Synthwave, and a little Darkwave into a bag? You get a song like Through The Night by Christine Plays Viola. The song floats in each of the genres without being trapped by any of them. It makes for a magical experience in a song.

Christine Plays Viola has always had a special approach to music. Much of their music brings elements of New Wave and Gothic Rock together in a style that stands out from the rest. Through The Night shows that they can take their level of excellence to an even higher level.

The video to Through The Night is rich with visuals and tells its own story. One that is as entertaining as the song and is a great compliment to the audio experience. Through The Night is one of many tracks from the album Fading. You can use the Bandcamp player below to get your copy of the full album for only €8,00 (roughly $9.47 USD).

The Stars Can't Frighten Part 2 by Christine Plays Viola

The Stars Can't Frighten Part 1 by Christine Plays Viola

Fading by Christine Plays Viola