The History Of t.A.T.u. (2000-2020)

The video above covers two decades of the epic Russian pop band, t.A.T.u.. It also covers their solo work as a montage to the band and the solo work of Lena Katina and Julia Volkova.

Both of the ladies in t.A.T.u. officially broke up the act in 2011, but have reunited a number of times for performances and in making some new music. Despite not seeing eye to eye, they have stated that there is a chance in the future that they will do more work as t.A.T.u. as they have multiple times in the past decade.

Любовь в каждом мгновении by t.A.T.u., Лигалайз & Майк Томпкинс

Not Gonna Get Us (Niko Palonen 2020 Remix) by t.A.T.u.

Thank You t.A.T.u.