The Blame by Violent Vickie

The video above is to the song, The Blame by Violent Vickie. The Blame sounds like a mixture of early Gothic Rock from the 1980's infused with Darkwave and Industrial. It makes for a unique song that really stands out for all it offers.

Violent Vickie has always had a special style to her music and The Blame is a perfect representation of what she offers to world in her style of music. The Blame is one of 15 tracks that can be found on her album, Division.

After listening and watching the video to The Blame, why not get the album it is from? It is only $15.00 USD and you get 14 other impressive songs along with it. Just use the Bandcamp player below to purchase the album, Division.

Division Album Release Video by Violent Vickie

Serotonin by Violent Vickie

The Blame by Violent Vickie