The Birthday Massacre Share The Amphi Fest Experience

The Birthday Massacre knows that their fans want to see them as much as they want to tour and perform in front of them. There are plans for 2021 and right now that can seem like an eternity away.

Keeping the music alive, The Birthday Massacre present the video above. This is of the Amphi Fest in Germany. Sadly, this amazing festival couldn't happen this year. It is one of the amazing festivals where remarkable concerts, closer friends, and special bonds between people happen. The band wanted to share this magic in the video above from Amphi Festival with The Birthday Massacre's music.

Every event should be like the one above, a time where people gather, share the music, and rejoice in the experience that they are all a part of. The Birthday Massacre hope you will be there when they are back touring in the near future and make new experiences with them.

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