Revolver by Faith Assembly

This song was recorded and mixed at the same time as all the others during the Shades Of Blue sessions in the Autumn of 1993. Of the 9 songs completed. This was the one song that for some reason just didn't seem to fit into the framework of the concept of this album.

It was a song I spent alot of time with, and even performed live on a number of occasions in the early years of the band. Once the mastering session for the album came up. It was decided to cut the track.

So for over 25 years this song sat archived in storage. I always hoped I'd have a day where it would be of some use for another project.
I present it here today...

The band wishes to thank those who have supported us over the years! Without you. We would no longer be here today.
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- Mark Stacy ( Faith Assembly)

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