Pain Is God by <PIG>

Raymond Watts, Sacred Saint of All Seven Sins, has delivered a new divine declaration - and so PIG sayeth unto the masses - Pain is God. Fourteen tracks of pure swine and swagger. Pain is God is an Exegesis of Excesses - glitches and guitar, allure and libido, danceable decadence. Pain is God is the weaponized word of our libertine Lord of Lard, here to save your skin from the wages of Sin.

- Metropolis Records

The image above is the official Bandcamp player where you can listen to Pain Is God and purchase this latest release by <PIG> for only $10.00 USD.

Pain Is God (Deluxe Vinyl Edition) by <PIG>

Drugged Dangerous & Damned by <PIG>

Introduction Into The World Where Pain Is God