Pain Is God (Deluxe Vinyl Edition) by <PIG>

This definitive version of 'Pain is God' is presented across two beautiful splatter vinyls and features two exclusively reworked tracks; 'Divine Descent' and 'The New Disorder' plus an alternate PIG remix of ‘Sex & Death’. The set comes with two brand new tarot cards (GOD signed by Raymond Watts and PAIN holding the download code), and the whole package is housed in a breathtaking, heavenly pop up gatefold sleeve that has to be seen to be believed. It's our most opulent and sinfully luxurious vinyl yet.

We anticipate the vinyl being ready for dispatch at the end of November. However this approximate release date is subject to a potential state of flux should the supply chain be disrupted by Covid-19 related issues, etc, etc. Also, each package needs to be painstakingly produced by hand, so who knows what could happen? The best place to find updates on the progress of the vinyl's manufacture will be the Armalyte Facebook page, and we are always available to answer individual queries at

- Armalyte Industries

The image above is the official Bandcamp player where you can listen to Pain Is God and purchase this latest release by <PIG> for only £60.00 (roughly $79.94 USD).

Pain Is God by <PIG>

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