No-Bake Black Forest Cemetery Dirt Parfait - Halloween Dessert!

Greetings!!! In the episode of Gothic Homemaking, I make a Halloween treat for my fiancé, Mayumi! It's my No Bake Black Forest Cemetery Dirt Parfait! It looks amazing and best of all, involves no baking! So if you're a baking nube like me, you're going to love how easy it is to make this wonderfully spooky Halloween dessert! This is a great one for Halloween parties!!! Now, many of you have heard of dirt cake and have seen cemetery dirt pudding recipes but mine has quite a few surprises that I think will really delight you in the most spooktacular way! So take a look and if you make it yourself, you're going to understand what all of those moans are about at the end of the episode! LOL! Enjoy!

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