Never (Niko Palonen Mix) by t.A.T.u.

Niko Palonen created a mashup of two songs by each half of the legendary Russian Pop band, t.A.T.u.. He combined Lena Katina's song Никогда (Never) and Julia Volkova's song Держи Рядом (Keep It Close) into both a mashup and a remix. The song is referred to as, Never (Niko Palonen Mix). This is attributed to t.A.T.u., but both are songs well tied to the individual artists.

What makes Never (Niko Palonen Mix) rather special is that it is a fitting tribute to both the solo artists and the band they made famous not just in Russia, but in the world. The video above is the official video to this song and shows both the talents of Niko's mixing and the musical talents of both Julia and Lena.

Любовь в каждом мгновении by t.A.T.u., Лигалайз & Майк Томпкинс

Not Gonna Get Us (Niko Palonen 2020 Remix) by t.A.T.u.

Thank You t.A.T.u.