Neon Demons Set by KhrysT Lords And R.E.N.

AD VITAM is comprised of 3 DJs not to be confused with the band in the United States. These three DJs are, KhrysT Lords, R.E.N., and Monotek.

The show above is their September 2020 set titledm Neon Demons Set. This is a mixture of the Electronic genres Techno, Electronica, Driving Techno, and Indie Electronica all into one playlist. The playlist can be viewed below:
You Man - Altered States
Sandhog - Mandu
Doctor Dru - Kloeppel
DeFeKT & Extrawelt - Field Day
Far&High - Alone
Palavas - So Far Away
NTEIBINT feat. Stella - Hide In (Zombies In Miami Remix)
Lonya, Magit Cacoon - Shma IL (Audio Junkies Remix)
Benjamin Fröhlich - Dream City (Zombies In Miami Remix)
Far&High - All I Say (feat. Annett)
Zombies in Miami - When Your Time Has Gone

Walk My Night by KhrysT Lords & R.E.N.

House Of House by KhrysT Lords & R.E.N.

Rub On Ya Techno Tities by KhrysT Lords & R.E.N.