Murder In My Eyes (Feat Nahtaivel) by Diverje

What is better than a hard hitting Industrial song? Having the song tied to visuals that fit it well. Diverje present their aggressive song Murder In My Eyes (Featuring Nahtaivel) and have interlaced it with the visuals of the movies Feardotcom and House On Haunted Hill.

Both movies in the music video above had many spectacular visuals for the time they were released. It is in these respects that both movies have had long lasting fans. THe only short comings that they had was in the evolution of their concepts into a fluid storyline. Still, the visuals are perfect for a song like Murder In My Eyes (Featuring Nahtaivel) where the vocals are brutally grating, the music is a perfect representation of Electro-Industrial, and the melody is suited for the visual sampling of these two movies.

Murder In My Eyes (Featuring Nahtaivel) was released by Diverje through DSBP Records via the album, Hate Stimulation. Please go to the official website for DSBP Records if you would like to add this or the many other great releases through this label.

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