Message From Voicecoil

Hello out there all you awesomely amazing Voicecoil fans! I wanted to let you all know (and invite you of course) to the all new Voicecoil Patreon page! This is a new venture for all of us- with the landscape of music/art changed even further by the Covid 19 pandemic, touring and performing live have become an impossibility for the foreseeable future. As you might imagine, this is REALLY hard on small acts like Voicecoil who depend on touring to pay the bills. So, enter Patreon. As a patron you will have access at an unprecedented level to the inner workings of my music and my art. You can expect exclusive music (song demos and ideas, ambient and soundtrack pieces, improvisations- generally whatever Im fiddling with), behind the scenes photos and videos, video blogs and more. Im hoping to have an open dialog with my patrons and have YOU help me decide what kind of content you are most interested in seeing. Please join me and help support a small indy artist- I live to create and I need you all with me. It is through all of you that I am able to live my dream as an artist. Below is a link to the Patreon!

Also please check out and grab the all new Voicecoil album "Singularity" right here on Bandcamop- I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did making it! (yes thats the correct URL, there was a character limit)

Thanks SO much you guys!

- Mark ( Voicecoil)

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