Machine Hearts by Extize

At the beginning of 2012, the four electro rebels brought the dance floors and minds to a boil again with the "Asshole EP". Even then, there were gloomy signs of an imminent musical revolution. The attentive listener increasingly discovered breakbeats and dub step influences in the band's dark, clubbing sound carpet. And now the time has come! The revolution is here! A new era is beginning and everything you believed in is worth nothing. Extize reinvent themselves and their music completely and usher in a new era in band history. The restricting walls of scene clichés and the captivating bonds of the old models are gone. With their latest work "Anarchy Engineers", the band has managed to completely redefine itself without becoming unfaithful to itself. Styles of music like hard electro, Dub step, drum'n'bass, trance and the increased use of electric guitars are replacing the dusty industrial, EBM and aggrotech influences without completely losing their dark background. Even biker rock and synthpop find their place on "Anarchy Engineers". This turns the album into a musical sweep, as if you were inviting The Prodigy, Celldweller, Pendulum, Skrillex, but also VNV Nation and Armin van Buuren to an anarchistic jam session. EXT! ZE has never been more punctual, rebellious and socially critical. The mainly English and French texts address the rebellion and decline of modern youth, but there is also enough space for more contemplative tones and the humor typical of EXT! ZE. With "Anarchy Engineers" EXT! ZE deliver an incredibly contemporary musical work, which celebrates on 15 songs demanding and at the same time underground suitable club. "Anarchy Engineers" is the soundtrack at the end times

- darkTunes Music Group

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