In The House, In A Heartbeat (John Murphy Cover) by Extize

There is a haunting element to the movie, 28 Day Later. Perhaps it is how close it could have been as a pandemic with what has overtaken the world. Perhaps it is the raw elements it presented with the fetish the world seems to have with the Zombie films and genre as a whole.

A movie like 28 Days Later need to set a tone and that is where the music comes in. John Murphy did a great job in setting the disturbing and darker mood that the movie needed and it was this atmosphere that inspired Extize to take the song, In The House, In A Heartbeat, and mold it into something new. It still has the dark tone, but now with a more fluid mood that is laid with Industrial undertones to give it a little more of a unsettling mood and in many respects is more fitting for a horror movie of today.

In The House, In A Heartbeat was well covered by Extize and the video above helps add an extra element to show the impact this song has to visuals. This is a great song for those that love 28 Days Later or just good jarring Industrial music that will make you feel the need to look in every closet and under every bed.

In The House, In A Heartbeat can be found on Extize's single, 28 Days Later.

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