I Am Nasty by Extize

For five years, the Franco-German revolutionary cell has been terrorizing the electronic Underground and has already inspired thousands of supporters for its cause, whether with the help of its propaganda events on the Festival and concert stages of the world or thanks to its manifestos in CD and mp3 form.

At the beginning of 2012, the four Electro Rebels brought the dance floors and spirits to a boil again with the" asshole EP". Even then, gloomy signs of a soon approaching musical Revolution appeared. The attentive listener increasingly discovered Breakbeats and Dub Step influences in the dark club-like sound carpet of the Band.

And now it's time! The Revolution is here! A new era is beginning and everything you have believed in is worth nothing. EXTIZE reinvent themselves and their music completely and usher in a new age of band history. Gone are the limiting walls of scene clichés and the captivating bonds of the old role models. With their latest work "anarchy Engineers", the Band has succeeded in completely redefining themselves without becoming unfaithful to themselves. Music styles such as Hard Electro, Dub Step, DrumnBass, Trance and the increased use of electric guitars replace the dusty industrial, EBM and Aggrotech influences without losing their dark background completely. Even Biker Rock and Synthpop find their place on"Anarchy Engineers". So the Album becomes a musical all-round beat, as if inviting the Prodigy, Celldweller, Pendulum, Skrillex, but also VNV Nation and Armin van Buuren to an anarchist jam session.

- darkTunes Music Group

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