Darkness Inside by Diverje

The Industrial masterminds of Diverje have been using the time we all have in lock downs to make music videos for their older songs. What this means is that we have new representations of older treats to enjoy.

The music video is of the song, Darkness Inside by Diverje. This song was originally from the album with the same name that was released through DSBP Records. If you watch the video you will quickly discover that the song is a potent mixture of Electro-Industrial and Aggrotech. Diverje has always shown a certain level of mastery in Industrial and all its related genres. Darkness Inside is proof of their skills in this.

Outlive Outlast (Stellar Dynamics Remix) by Diverje

We Are The Ones (Antibiosis Remix) by Diverje

Darkness Inside (Abducted by Alien:Nation) by Diverje