Countdown To Halloween 2020! Halloween Decor Hunting

Welcome back to Gothic Homemaking as we continue our countdown to Halloween 2020! In this Halloween Decor Hunting video, I take you to Home Goods, Kmart and Bath And Body Works as we find wonderful Halloween decorations and macabre home furnishing that you can use to decorate your Gothic lair all year long. We also get great ideas for Halloween activities to film this season including some Halloween baking and I unveil my "Globlin" creature-shaped hand sanitizer! Won't you join me as I continue to do my very best to save Halloween 2020? Please share with a spooky friend!!!

The Globlin Hand Sanitizer holder:
More info coming soon!
Unfortunately, preorders are not open yet, but please email with the subject "Globlin" to be added to a list of people who are interested in getting news about when they go on sale! Thanks!!!!

- Voltaire

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