Bound With Love Benefit Compilation

This compilation has been constructed out of affection, support, and respect for one of the most unique love stories of our generation. Claus Larsen and Kurt Grünewald Hansen have shared their lives with a global audience for many years. Members from over 70 musical projects have come together in difficult times to celebrate these two individuals that have entertained us and have offered their friendship and support for musicians and fans around the world. Participants on this compilation represent a combination of well-known projects as well as up-and-coming musicians. From the bottom of our loving dark hearts, please know that we love and revere you guys. Thank you for sharing your love, passion, and creativity with the world.

In addition to all of the incredible artists who contributed tracks, thank you to COP International, Distortion Productions, Dependent Records, Progress Productions, Remission Entertainment, Section 44 Records, and Metropolis Records for their support in promoting this album.

Ego Likeness, iVardensphere, God Module, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, daddybear, Deathline International (ft. Jello Biafra), Mindless Faith, Android Lust, The Rain Within, SYSTEM SYN, The Cassandra Complex, Agent Side Grinder, Inertia, Glass Apple Bonzai, Darling Kandie, Bluetech, Red Lokust, Stoneburner, Null Device, NØIR, MC Lord of The Flies, Angelspit, Clicks, kETvECTOR, Xorcist, Plack Blague, Black Needle Noise (with Dr. Strangefryer), AXIOM, Provision, The Gothsicles, unitcode:machine, Probe 7 (ft. Jay Tye), Wiccid, Frontal Boundary, Gasoline Invertebrate, Traumabond, FORM, Lorelei Dreaming, Static Icon, Fiction 8, Shadow Fashion, Eloquent, Cryo, Spark!, Eva X, Royal Visionaries, Black Nail Cabaret, Andreas Catjar, Kounter Mezhure, Fix8:Sed8, INVA//ID, Machines With Human Skin, Voicecoil, MDA, Faces Under The Mirror, SET, Ashes Fallen, Sol Sirenn, Suffer Ring, Bedlam Emotion, BlakLight, Cynergy 67, eHpH, Black Agent, Offerings to Odin, FGFC820, Kick and Go!, The Unsilvered Glass, Synthax Xtructure, Shhadows (ft Videl), Nebulae Complex, Oblyvaeon

- Claus Larsen ( Læather Strip)

Bound With Love Benefit Compilation releases on December 4th, 2020. Information will be provided on Music Eternal when this compilation releases.

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