Bella Lune 'A Wish' Music Video Featuring You!

We want YOU to be in the next Bella Lune video!!

The song is "A Wish" from our new album "Stardust". The overall theme is "a wish to coexist". The video will be a montage of Bella Lune friends doing things that make others laugh, feel good, and/or things that inspire others (including what you are doing to stay entertained right now, dancing, playing instruments, playing with animals, helping others, playing games, random acts of kindness, meditation, yoga, volunteering, pranks, etc).

Those who send in videos will receive a free download code for the album "Stardust"! To participate, just upload your widescreen video(s) to the link below. Footage from phones is fine, as long as it is widescreen (turn your phone sideways to record) and a decent resolution. Let us know if you have any questions. We can't wait to see what you send in! Thank you!

Upload files here (from PC only):

- Bella Lune

The image above is actually the Bandcamp player for A Wish

Charade by Bella Lune

Ride Or Die by Bella Lune

Silent and Still (Black Jacket Remix) by Bella Lune