Beats For The Nineties Freaks Set by KhrysT Lords

DJ KhrysT Lords releases Beats for the Nineties Freaks Set. A set for those that partied in the 90s with a feeling our parties had at that time.
I hope you enjoy my new set.

- KhrysT Lords

Phunkadelica - Phunkool
Cinthie - No One Can Take You from Me
Phunkadelica - Pensiero Stupendo (Musumeci Remix)
INVŌKER - Batumi (Biesmans Remix)
Coeus - Avalonia
Kinky Sound feat. Lisa WilliamsFlames (Anturage & Alexey Union Remix)
Thee J Johanz - More Love!
Zombie Nation - Unload
Phunkadelica - Cosmophonia
Malandra Jr. - Cariilon (Brigado Crew Remix)
WOLFRAM - Rein (DJ Hell Remix MISBHV Edit)

Walk My Night by KhrysT Lords & R.E.N.

House Of House by KhrysT Lords & R.E.N.

Rub On Ya Techno Tities by KhrysT Lords & R.E.N.