Aenthology 2010​-​2020 by Aeon Sable

This release represents the band's finest material released over the last ten years. It also includes one yet unreleased, brand new track (*).
All tracks had been exclusively remastered to capture the Zeitgeist of moment.

01 Into Oblivion
02 Follow the Light
03 Burn for Salvation
04 Elysion
05 Garden Of Light
06 Visions
07 Dancefloor Satellite
08 Tenfifteen
09 Agnosia
10 Praying Mantis

- Aeon Sable

The image above is the Official Bandcamp player for this release. You can use the same player to buy this album for only €9,00 (roughly $9.94 USD).

Burning In Black by Aeon Sable

Winter Falls (Wisborg Cover) by Aeon Sable

Aenthology 2010-2020 by Aeon Sable