Aenthology 2010-2020 by Aeon Sable

This release represents the band's finest material released over the last ten years. It also includes one yet unreleased, brand new track (*).
All tracks had been exclusively remastered to capture the Zeitgeist of moment.

01 Into Oblivion*
02 Follow the Light
03 Burn for Salvation
04 Elysion
05 Garden Of Light
06 Visions
07 Dancefloor Satellite
08 Tenfifteen
09 Agnosia
10 Praying Mantis

- Aeon Sable

Listen to the 4 tracks presented on the Bandcamp player above. Aenthology 2010-2020 has a release date of February 21st, 2020. You can use the Bandcamp player above to pre-order this album by Aeon Sable for only €9,00 (roughly $9.93 USD).

Burning In Black by Aeon Sable

Winter Falls (Wisborg Cover) by Aeon Sable

Aenthology 2010​-​2020 by Aeon Sable