Ya Soshla S Uma & Nas Ne Dogoniat by Lena Katina

The music video above is a live persentation of Lena Katina performing t.A.T.u.'s hit song Ya Soshla S Uma & Nas Ne Dogoniat live @ Дискотеке МУЗТВ. This is the Russian version of the songs and is a special way to hear these songs in their native tongue.

Lena Katina is one half of t.A.T.u., the legendary Russian pop band that took the world by storm. Regardless if she is performing as part of this Russian duo or as a solo artist, she always strives to present the best experience to her fans world wide.

Melody by Clark Owen & Lena Katina

Cry Baby by Lena Katina

Вирус (Virus) by Lena Katina