Unholy by September Mourning

September Mourning show a live performance in their presentation to their song, Unholy. This song is not just an original song to the band, but also a glimpse into the world that September Mourning have created.

Unholy, like past songs, is tied to graphic novels that the band has created with Image Comics and Top Cow Comics. These all combine to create a world that is dark, a history that is rich, and give a depth to the band that few creations can rival.

The music in Unholy combine the harder hitting of Alternative Metal, the expressionism found in Gothic Metal, and elements that can only be found in September Mourning's music. The music has a really great beat that combines with the stunning vocals of September herself.

This song, Unholy, can be found as a single release and in the release, Volume III, wherever music is sold.

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