Trashy Luxury by AM Tierpark

Following up on the internationally highly acclaimed debut album “Uncaged” (2015) the Danish synth pop duo release their second full length album “Trashy Luxury”. Once again Claus Larsen (Leaether Strip, Klutae, Sequential Access) and John R. Mirland (Mirland, Holm/Mirland) continue their exploration into 80’s synth pop merged with a modern approach presenting a selection of intense and pure synth pop with a sharp and minimalist approach. Claus Larsen’s vocals and personal lyrics paired with John R. Mirland’s music and programming make for a highly memorable and deep pop album. “Trashy Luxury” is released through LÆBEL - the band’s own music label which now takes care of all of the two Danes many activities.

- AM Tierpark

This album can be purchased through the Official AM Tierpark Bandcamp player above. You can purchase a digital copy for €9,00 (roughly $11.50 USD) or the CD for €15,00 (roughly $19.50 USD)

Trashy Luxury was originally released, October 12th, 2017
Vocals and lyrics: Claus Larsen
Music and programming: John R. Mirland
Mastered by Claus Larsen
Graphic design by John R. Mirland

The songs on Trashy Luxury are:
1. Song For Us 05:52
2. Life On The Run 05:18
3. I Cannot Breathe In Here 05:03
4. Heal My Pain 04:29
5. How Do I Love You 04:24
6. We're All The Same 04:58
7. Blue Beret 04:44
8. Nightpeople 05:29
9. The Branch It Broke 06:41
10.I Think We Made It 04:51

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