Seems Like Forever (Limited Edition) by Rosetta Stone

In addition to a new album, Rosetta Stone present thsi new album in a limited edition format. Seems Like Forever broke the silence from this amazing Gothic Rock band and now they are offering a limited edition 12" vinyl version of this album. There were a very small number of this vinyl made and now there is only a handful of them left. When they are gone there is no promises that more will be made so if you love Gothic Rock, Rosetta Stone, or the gifted mind of Porl King, this will be a format of the album you will want to get.

The limited edition 12" vinyl can be yours for only $21.00 USD (roughly 18,49€). You can get to the official Bandcamp Rosetta Stone page offering this version of Seems Like Forever by clicking here. The offer is on the left hand side of the page just below the offer for digital copy. Get it quickly as it will sell out soon. If you have never heard of Rosetta Stone we have put their Bandcamp player with the digital album below so that you can hear what is in store for you.

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